Mission Statement

Mission Statement: Pathology Brand is a progressive lifestyle clothing line using quality apparel, artistic imagery and lyrical content to provoke thought and discussion aimed at removing the stigma attached to mental illness while promoting mental wellness. Using the vehicle of high quality clothing apparel, Pathology Brand seeks to establish a strong relationship with brand advocates who are willing to act where action is necessary, bring attention to the needs of the vulnerable, provide a platform for those willing to share their story and strengthen supportive resources throughout our shared communities.

The Inspiration:
It’s not wrong to see Pathology (PXY) Brand as a passion project. The concept was developed and refined by the brand’s founder, Draven Godwin. Having chosen a career path that has found her working with at-risk youth and advocating mental wellness, Draven sought out a vehicle to bring her passion to a wider audience. Start with the brand’s name, Pathology, which was chosen with the conscious effort to offer an open door for discussion and information. The choice to enter the world of apparel is seen as an opportunity to make a wider impact through the use of inspired content via graphic designs on better quality garments. As the brand’s Art Director, Draven’s inspiration comes not only from her working life, but also from her family (two wonderful children and her husband, (Billy Howerdel). Billy is a well-respected musician with a fan base whose loyalty oftentimes comes from finding a connection to the words of his music. Both Draven and Billy recognize the power and importance of music and Pathology Brand has incorporated this into the brand’s DNA. Billy’s support and input is invaluable to the growth of the brand, as their unique life experiences have been critical to the brand’s direction.

While creating a better understanding of the subject of mental wellness is the primary mission of Pathology Brand, there is also a realization that we want PXY to always be synonymous with social responsibility. We recognize there are many organizations and charities that share a similar mission, which is to destigmatize mental illness in effort to advocate for greater communication, understanding as well as promote mental health and wellness. Therefore, we are committed to collaborating with others, including artists, schools, community members and outreach groups
to further advance our mission of promoting understanding of mental health and wellness. If you have interest in collaborating with PATHOLOGY Brand, please contact us at draven(@)pathologybrand.com

sds Painting of Draven Godwin
by Kevin Llewellyn / http://www.kevart.com/