The truth is truth only if it is present truth.” Giusella Finocchiaro RTBF originates in French law as the “right of oblivion”, which refers to the right of a convicted criminal who has served his/her sentence to object to further publication of the conviction.  This issue also addresses an urgent problem in the digital age as it is very hard to escape your past since all the content is stored forever in the cloud. Snapshots of a moment or event in one’s life, now lingers on and may remain available for years to come. Right to be Forgotten evokes discussion around data control and advocates that we embrace the benefits of social networking while still considering future consequences of the contents we post.    Similarly, RTBF inspires thoughts of youth who have any involvement with the Court and highlights the great need to be aware of how juvenile records may impact one’s future. Research has established that youth have specialized needs and characteristics that distinguish them from adults, yet still have important rights that must be protected. While Court involvement is sometimes appropriate and effective, it can have long-term negative consequences. Right To Be Forgotten advocates that all youth know their rights. Check out Juvenile Law Center for further information. www.jlc.org



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